A short adventure game about a dragon, that I made using twine.


  • Dragons!
  • Seriosly, what more would you want?
  • There are also some cats in here.
  • 4 endings! That's cool, right?
  • Probably some language errors. I would say they are a mistake... but instead I only say "can yuo cetch them all?"
  • I hate myself for not adding any image for the background, but I have literally no idea, what I can and cannot use legally.

Hello! This is my first ever published game! Hope you will like it! If you did, you can share it with your friends! It would mean a lot to me!


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Its quite nice i guess

Oh... could you say something more?

This is a nice, good game to relax, 7.5/10 I'd say.

I had a good time playing overall. I like these simple-looking games because they have their charm and can be made into something so interesting.

I know the pain of making a bigger game myself.

Eh... So much time goes into making little tweaks and details...

Since this game is still in development the only thing that leave me wondering rn are next quests and endings.

I'll surely be coming back from time to time to check the progress of the story.

I wish you good development and even better day.

Oh, I'm sorry but there was a mistake. 

This project is mostly completed, but I forgot to change it from "In development". 

It might receive some updates in the future though!

Ah, I see...

It's still nice to hear there might be more though.

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Great game
Would recommend to my fellow friends from church
Can I get an amen??

I hate you.